Gastronomy and Biodiversity

San Zeno D.O.P. Chestnut Festival

The Mostra Mercato del Marrone (chestnut market), takes place every year during the chestnut harvest season between the end of October and the beginning of November.

The highlight of the event is the “flavour market”, where it’s possible to enjoy the San Zeno D.O.P chestnuts in all its declinations, accompanied of course by a glass of good local wine.

A couple of traditional competitions take place as well: the “Marron d’Oro” (or “Golden Chestnut”) is reserved for the producers of the San Zeno Dop Chestnus Consortium, while the Gastronomic Prize of the contrade is awarded to the best chestnut minestrone, one of the most traditional ways of preparing this exceptional product.