Points of Interest

Rifugio Fiori del Baldo

Rifugio Fiori del Baldo is an Alpine hut at an altitude of 1850 metres above Lake Garda, with a sweeping 360° panoramic view.

From here you can view the Appenine mountain range, the Pre-Alps near Brescia, and Monte Rosa. On a clear day, or right after a storm, you’ll even be able to spot the pyramid-shaped Monviso as well as the Venetian lagoon to the East.

The rifugio is surrounded by green meadows dotted with brightly coloured wildflowers.

Many flower species here are found only on Monte Baldo, and have therefore gained the epithet “baldensis”.

There are also many wild animals in the area.

Chamois were introduced a few years ago, and now have become quite numerous. In the low-season months (Spring and Autumn), they are commonly seen along mountain trails.

Marmots are also found here, living in numerous colonies and emitting their trademark high-pitched calls to signal danger.