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Palazzo Cà Montagna

It’s the oldest and most beautiful building in San Zeno di Montagna, and is located in the contrada of the same name, which it gets from the noble Montagna family, whose crest depicts a mountain with six peaks.

The original structure of the building dates as far back as the 13th-14th centuries, when it did not have the current portico and had an extremely harsh and imposing look, as it was perhaps also used for defensive purposes. In the late 1300’s and early 1400’s, when the Montagna family reached the height of its social status in the city, they decided to have this rural court expanded and beautified, adding an elegant portico to the primitive south-facing façade, with three large round archways supported by stone columns. Ca’ Montagna is now home to the local Council Chamber and library, as well as a stunning frescoed room used for hosting exhibits and socio-cultural events; in the summertime the courtyard transforms into an outdoor theatre, becoming the evocative set of various theatrical and musical productions.

dal libro “Le immagini raccontano … San Zeno di Montagna”

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