Nordic Walking trails

Malghe trail

The route, starting from Prada Bassa, follows the route called "trail of flavors" which connects some restaurants in Prada with the farmhouses attached to the mountain malghe; it is also connected to the service car park of the “Prada - Costabella” cableway station; starting from Prada Bassa, the track, through the territory of Malga Pralungo reaches Malga Traure; going down to Localita Cason it passes through Malga Baito dei Santi, Malga La prà and reaches Malga Montesel and then returns to Malga Traure and Prada di Monte Baldo; the route develops along well-maintained paths and along the service roads of the malghe, which are easy to travel on; the sections with uneven ground or with demanding slopes are limited to a few hundred meters.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 8,9 km
Elevation gain: 351 mt