Contrade and Frazioni

Contrada San Zeno

It is the most ancient and populous contrada of the town, thus leading it to be considered its primary centre.

San Zeno stretches along the main road. It’s characterized by beautiful open courts, where local stone houses stand, crammed together and connected to each other by characteristic archways and internal passages which once allowed people to take refuge in the safest rooms in case of danger.  

Furthermore, you will find a local parish here dedicated to Saint Zeno. In the past, this contrada used to hold the seat of the municipality, before it was transferred to Ca’ Montagna. Oltre a ciò si trova la chiesa parrocchiale dedicata a San Zeno. In passato vi era anche la sede municipale, che è stata poi trasferita a Cà Montagna.

Dal libro “Le immagini raccontano … San Zeno di Montagna”

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