Contrade and Frazioni

Contrada Prà Bestemà

This contrada, perched on a hill at 829 m above sea level, offers evocative panoramic views. It once belonged to the municipality of Cervi di Montagna, and was made up of a small nucleus of homes, stables and haylofts for the animals.

The contrada was almost completely burnt to the ground by the Nazis on October 27th and 28th, 1944, because the local residents, some of whom were deported to Germany, had helped the Partisans.

There is an old kiln close by, near a pond, which is now partly dilapidated, but was once used to produce quicklime.

Nowadays the main economic activities here are agriculture and livestock farming; the characteristic stone houses with annexed stables and haylofts are still present today, while more modern residences and townhouses have sprung up in the surrounding area.

Dal libro “Le immagini raccontano … San Zeno di Montagna”

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