Contrade and Frazioni

Contrada Cà Schena

The name comes from the Zinevrèi family, who once owned most of the buildings and land here. The once isolated contrada was connected to San Zeno and Capra by the “Strada Comunale di Pai” (Pai Municipal Road).

Still today, the village displays its original characteristics, with courts made up of stone houses, stables and haylofts, testimony to the old agricultural traditions. Ever since the second half of the 20th century, the continuous construction of new buildings has caused it to merge with San Zeno.

Here in Ca’ Schena, as in many other contrade in the area, you will find an old well and drinking trough which once acted as a gathering place and as a cultural exchange for residents. The small village of Le Fontane is located nearby.

Dal libro “Le immagini raccontano … San Zeno di Montagna”

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